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Visa Types

Saudi Arabia Residency Visa Requirements

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  1. One Visa Form
  2. Two colour photographs of photo booth quality on off-white background.
  3. Approval from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  4. An E Number. Which allows the application to be lodged at the Saudi Embassy, we will obtain this for you.
  5. Passport with a minimum 6 months left to run from date of lodging and 2 clear pages opposite each other. The passport must not have Israeli stamps in it.
  6. Completed Saudi Medical Form for anyone over the age of 15. This must be legalised by the FCO. We can organise the Medical and the FCO legalisation.
  7. Copy of husband`s Igama card
  8. Copy of husband`s details page from his passport.
  9. Copy of Marriage certificate.
  10. Copy of children`s long birth certificate.

Important Notice:
You cannot drive into Saudi if you obtain a Saudi visa issued in the UK, you can only fly in.