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Visa Types

Saudi Arabia Work Visa Requirements

Download Document Pack Apply Via Official Government Link
  1. Visa Form
  2. Two colour photographs of photo booth quality on off-white background.
  3. An E Number. Which allows the application to be lodged at the Saudi Embassy, we will obtain this for you.
  4. Passport with a minimum 6 months left to run from date of lodging and 2 clear pages opposite each other. The passport must not have Israeli stamps in it.
  5. Visa block from Saudi which lists the job titles available and which nationalities may apply
  6. Copy of Employment Contract signed by both the Employer/ Visa Sponsor and applicant.
  7. Medical Report form (form attached).The Original Medical Report form must then be Legalised by the FCO. We can obtain and organize the medical and legalisation.
  8. Applicants C.V.
  9. Copies of Academic Qualification(s). All Qualifications must first be attested and then legalised, before the work visa can be applied for at the Saudi Embassy in London. We provide these services.
  10. An Electronic Power of Attorney from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This should have Regent Visas name on it
  11. A letter addressed to the Embassy from the Arabic company, written in Arabic with the following points:

-The applicant details including Passport number
-The Visa number
-The date of issuance of the Visa number

Important Notice:
You cannot drive into Saudi if you obtain a Saudi visa issued in the UK, you can only fly in. Visa is issued as a single entry but is converted into an Iqama. Kindly note that all documents, including qualifications must relate to the job requested.